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Founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini was established with the hopes of creating finely-crafted grand touring cars that could compete with leading luxury automakers such as Ferrari.

We like to remind customers that it is always our pleasure to keep your Lamborghini running safely and at its peak performance with manufacture maintenance requirements. With such a unique and finely designed vehicle like a Lamborghini, a delicate touch combined with only the highest skilled workforce is what your Lamborghini deserves.


Luckily for you, Roly's European Auto Center provides you with exactly that kind of service and repairs. Beyond this, every Lamborghini we service will receive a 50 point inspection. This way, we manage to resolve issues before they progress further and run up a costly repair bill.

We keep your Lamborghini in top condition by offering services on par with the dealership, without the high overhead costs and annoying salesmen. You can trust that your Lamborghini is in good hands at Roly's European Auto Center. We have an impressive background in European cars repair and service work near Miami region. Attention to detail, along with our dedication to providing 100% customer satisfaction is what we have come to be known for.

So, next time you book your Lamborghini in for servicing or repairs at anywhere but us, ask yourself, why am I trusting my Lamborghini to someone who doesn’t offer me these impressive qualities?

We look forward to being your Florida Lamborghini repair and service shop. Contact us at 305 639-8497

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