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SERVICE, REPAIR & maintenance


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 Originally established by the pioneering German auto engineer August Horch in 1899 under the name A. Horch & Cie., Audi took on its more famous name in 1910. Since then it has operated under the dual mottos of “Advancement through Technology” and “Truth in Engineering“.

At Roly's European Auto Center, we serve the surrounding areas of Miami, FL. Servicing your Audi is our pleasure. Audi vehicles are finely crafted, and it takes a combination of expertise and a delicate touch to provide the service and repair necessary to ensure that they keep running safely and at their peak performance.


What’s more, every Audi we service receives a 50 point inspection to ensure that issues are resolved before they require repair.

We look forward to being your Florida Audi repair and service shop. Contact us at 305 639-8497

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