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SERVICE, REPAIR & maintenance


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Before launching the Italian luxury automaker Maserati in 1914, the Maserati brothers Ernesto, Ettore, Carlo, Bindo, and Alfieri developed their expertise by building Grand Prix race cars for Diatto. When Diatto discontinued its race car line, the brothers decided to begin designing cars of their own. The rest is history.

It’s our deepest joy here at Roly's European Auto Center to service your Maserati. Driving a Maserati is a unique experience – so servicing one should be just as unique. It takes a delicate match of expertise and finely attuned skill to do the necessary service and repair work on your Maserati so that it may continue to run safely at its optimal performance.


We promise to provide you with this exact kind of service. In addition to this, every Maserati service includes a 50 point inspection. We at Roly's European Auto Center aren’t just concerned about the short-term. This inspection allows us to resolve potential issues to save yourself the hassles of dealing with repair work in the long run.

We look forward to being your Florida Maserati repair and service shop. Contact us at 305 639-8497

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